Past results are not an indication of future performance. Test run shown with a published strategy do not constitute proof they will repeat in the future.

Having said that, what I believe is that it is better to have a strategy that protects us from our greatest enemy: emotions.
Trading without emotions allows us to free ourselves from beliefs that can turn out to be wrong and lead us to support huge losses just because we are convinced of a certain thing.

The basic rule of this strategy is the following: "always remember to pay yourself first" in fact it tends to decrease the position as the price rises. This is why it has a lots of trades and an high "Profitable Percentage". Another key point of this strategy is that it tries to maximize profits while minimizing losses, in fact it has a "Max Drowdown" of 3%.

The best scenario for this strategy is when the market is trending.

At the moment it has good results on the uptrend and it has been perfected to identify and give the best of itself in these circumstances.

In the example below the strategy perfectly handle the start of the bull run, takes profits along the way and close the position when things get uncertain.

Another more recent example, the strategy identifies a possible bullrun and closes positions as soon as it assesses uncertainties.